RIDA┬«ABSORBANCE 96 ÔÇô the compact reader for ELISA tests

Handy, accurate, fast! This is the RIDA┬«ABSORBANCE 96. It can be used to evaluate all RIDASCREEN┬« ELISA tests and delivers safe and reliable results with a measuring time of less than 5 seconds!

RIDA┬«SMART APP ÔÇô the software for the quantitative evaluation of RIDA┬«QUICK tests

With the RIDA┬«SMART APP you get an innovative and new evaluation technology for quantifying mycotoxins ÔÇô mycotoxin analysis can be that easy! Compatible with all quantitative RIDA┬«QUICK mycotoxin tests, the RIDA┬«SMART APP provides reliable and accurate results.

RIDA┬«CUBE SCAN ÔÇô a fully automated walk-away system for sequential single enzymatic tests

The RIDA®CUBE SCAN automatically calculates the results and shows them on the display. It fits in every laboratory and is a real lightweight at only 2.4 kg. The analyzer set consists of the instrument and a tablet PC.

RIDA┬«CYCLER ÔÇô the compact real-time PCR cycler

With the RIDA┬«CYCLER based on magnetic induction, you can expect a portable and compact qPCR device that already contains all SureFast┬« and SureFood┬« thermal profiles, so that a quick analysis start of one or more tests is possible at the same time.

RIDA┬«SMART BOX ÔÇô lateral flow imaging unit

An innovative benchtop lateral flow imaging unit for automated readout of RIDA®QUICK lateral flow tests. It is used in combination with the RIDA®SMART APP, the software application for quantification of relevant mycotoxins in food and feed analysis.