Art. No.: R5505

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Product info


Art. No.: R5505

Intended use

RIDASCREEN®FAST Zearalenon SC is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of zearalenone in cereals.

General Information

The mycotoxin zearalenone is formed by fungi of the genus Fusarium. Zearalenone is a phytohormone which displays, apart from its anabolic properties, mainly estrogenic effects. Because of its estrogenic properties, zearalenone may induce fertility disorders in animals with clinical signs of hyperestrogenism – an aspect of a disease which although reported mainly in hogs, is described in other species such as cow, horse and sheep, too. The potential health risk for humans induced by this mycotoxin, which is taken up with foods of vegetable or animal origin, is extensively discussed.


  • Rapid Only 15 min incubation time.
  • Cost-efficient Background check with only one well instead of complete standard curve. The values for the further standards are delivered with the test kit.
Art. NoR5505
Test formatMicrotiter plate with 48 wells (6 strips with 8 wells each)
Sample preparationExtraction, filtration, dilution.
Incubation time15 min
LOD (Detection Limit)5 ╬╝g/kg (ppb)
LOQ (Limit of quantification

16 ╬╝g/kg

Validated matrices


Detected analyte

Zearalenone in cereals.

EvaluationMicrotiter plate spectrophotometer (450 nm)