PuriTox Trichothecene

Art. No.: TC-T220

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Product info

PuriTox Trichothecene

Art. No.: TC-T220

Intended use

Solid phase clean-up columns for the purification of cereal samples to detect trichothecenes. PuriTox Trichothecene can be used for the simultaneous detection of type A and B trichothecenes by GC and LC-MS/MS.

General Information

The columns reduce background interference therefore producing better chromatography and improving accuracy of results. The solid phase clean-up columns contain material to help remove interfering components or pigments from cereal samples.The toxins are extracted from the sample, filtered and passed through the clean-up column prior to analysis by GC or LC-MS/MS. The total clean-up time takes approximately 20 minutes to perform.The result is reduced background interference therefore improving the accuracy of results.


  • Simultaneous detection of type A and B trichothecenes by GC and LC-MS/MS.
  • Specifications
    Test format25 solid phase clean-up columns (syringe format)
    Sample preparationA representative sample should be obtained by following one of the officially recognised sampling procedures. It is recommended that a minimum of 1 kg of representative sample is finely ground and a portion (10 - 50 g dependent on method used) of this is removed and extracted.
    LOD (Detection Limit)NIV 7.80 ng/ml (ppb), DON 1.95 ng/ml,
    FUS X 3.90 ng/ml, NEO ≤0.49 ng/ml,
    15-Acetyl DON 0.98 ng/ml,
    3-Acetyl DON 3.90 ng/ml,
    DAS ≤ 0.49 ng/ml, HT-2 ≤ 0.49 ng/ml, T-2 ≤ 0.49 ng/ml
    Validated matrices


    Detected analyte

    Trichothecene in cereals.

    EvaluationIt is recommended to run at least a 3 - 6 point calibration curve. In constructing a suitable curve the levels of the calibration standards should bracket or include the range of expected results. The diluted standard solutions should be prepared fresh on the day of analysis and used within a 24 hour period.