Enzytec™ Generic D-/L-Lactic acid

Art. No.: E1255

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Product info

Intended use

UV-method for the determination of D-/L-Lactic acid in foodstuffs and other materials.

General Information

As an alternative to the “Yellow line” enzymatic kits produced by Roche Diagnostics, R-Biopharm also offers the Enzytec™ Generic line, which includes enzymatic or colorimetric assays. The Enzytec™ Generic line includes 14 different enzymatic kits, which can detect acids and sugars.

Test formatTest combination for approx. 32 determinations
LOD (Detection Limit)0.30 mg D-/L-Lactic acid / L
Detected analyte

D-/L-Lactic acid

EvaluationUV-method (340 nm)