Art. No.: RBRP80 / RBRP80B

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Product info

Intended use

Immunoaffinity columns for use in conjunction with an HPLC or LC-MS/MS system for detection of vitamin B12 in a wide range of commodities.

General Information

The procedure is based on monoclonal antibody technology, which makes the test highly specific, sensitive, rapid and simple to perform. The columns contain a gel suspension of monoclonal antibody specific to the vitamin of interest. Following extraction of the vitamin the sample extract is diluted with buffer and filtered before being passed slowly through the immunoaffinity column. Any vitamin which is present in the sample is retained by the antibody within the gel suspension. The column is washed to remove any unbound material and the vitamin is then released from the column following elution with solvent. The eluate is collected, evaporated and reconstituted prior to analysis by HPLC or LC-MS/MS.


  • Uses monoclonal antibody.
  • Extraction uses buffer and enzymes.
  • Can be used with pigmented samples.
  • Can be stored at 21 – 25 ┬░C.
  • The columns are suitable for testing a wide range of commodities.
Test formatRBRP80 = 10 immunoaffinity columns with 3 ml format.
RBRP80B = 50 immunoaffinity columns with 3 ml format.
Sample preparationSodium acetate buffer, pepsin, ╬▒-amylase and potassium cyanide solution
Incubation time2 hours prior to detection by HPLC or LC-MS/MS
LOD (Detection Limit)5 ng / ml
Validated matrices

Infant formula, infant food (e.g. cereal, dairy, meat homogenate, baby food composite), energy bars, milk

Detected analyte


Available application notes

Vitamin B12 in beer, vitamin powdered shakes, milk formula, carbonated soft drink, animal feed & premix, cocoa powder, fruit juice, health supplements, mushrooms, protein engergy drinks, spirulina, tablets

EvaluationHPLC or LC-MS/MS system