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Are you searching for further information on food and feed analysis? Do you want to learn more about our products and technologies? Our media section provides informative brochures, flyers and publications as well as educational videos.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, also named Pyridoxine, is the first vitamin we would like to introduce you in our vitamin series. In this video, by Ronald Niemeijer, you can learn more about the importance of this vitamin, food products that contain vitamin B6 and the risk of a vitamin deficiency. More facts can be found in the infographic.


This video shows the unboxing, transport lock and accessories and the first steps of the ThunderBolt® (Art. No. ZTB).


This video shows the unpacking and commissioning of the RIDA®ABSORBANCE 96 (Art. No. ZRA96FF).

Manual vs. automated nucleic acid preparation

What is more convenient – manual or automated? This video clearly compares the individual steps of manual and automatic (with TANBead Maelstrom™ 4800) nucleic acid preparation.

Real-time PCR explained

This video explains the principle, workflow and application of real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

Analysis of added vitamins

Vitamins are present in a lot of food like juices, dairy products, baby food, cereals, sweets, tablets and vitamin mixtures. The analysis of added vitamin content is an important aspect of food safety. In this video, we show you the complete analysis procedure for the determination of the added vitamin content.

Lactoferrin, a healthy addition to baby milk powder

The addition of Lactoferrin does not only improve the value of the milk powder, but makes it also more expensive. To monitor the concentration of added bovine lactoferrin, the EuroProxima brand of R-Biopharm presents the Lactoferrin FAST ELISA.

SureFast® Salmonella ONE

Get to know SureFast® Salmonella ONE, the “all in one” real-time PCR test kit with included DNA preparation. Detect Salmonella in food in just 3 simple steps: simplified and quick lysis, preparation of the reaction mix, amplification & detection. Now certified: MicroVal 2014LR43 & AOAC-RI 081803.

Rapid beer screening using QuickGEN & MyGo Pro

In this video, we show you how to use the real-time PCR cycler “MyGo Pro” for beer analysis. This is a very fast and comfortable way to test beer for various beer spoilage bacteria.

Compact Dry: Food microbiology testing made easier with R-Biopharm

Tune in and explore the world of food microbiology made easier with Compact Dry! Compact Dry is a reliable test system for analytical evaluation of microbial safety in food and pharmaceutical products. Compact Dry plates can be used anywhere at any time since they are stable at common temperatures for long periods of time as they do not require reconstitution. Chromogenic agents present in all Compact Dry media allow easy counting of colonies after incubation.