Set of 3 processed Soya Assay Controls

Art. No.: R7132

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Product info

Set of 3 processed Soya Assay Controls

Art. No.: R7132

Intended use

The processed assay controls are used to control extraction, test performance and handling of the RIDASCREEN®FAST Soya (R7102) for detection of Soya.

General Information

Each of the three assay controls contains 2 g homogenized cookie; one negative and two positive homogenized cookie. The set of 3 processed assay controls is composed of homogenized cookies with a defined content of soya. Assay control A consists of a soya-free cookie. To produce the assay controls B and C different concentrations of soya-free and a soya-containing cookie were mixed.

The soya assay controls are not a reference material. For validation of RIDASCREEN®FAST Soya (R7102) spiked samples should be used.


Art. NoR7132
Test format3 x 2 g homogenized cookie
Sample preparationThe extraction has to be done as described in the test kit instructions of RIDASCREEN®FAST Soya (R7102).