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Product info

Intended use

RIDA®STAMP YM-P is a ready-to-use agar for detection of yeasts and molds on surfaces. The RIDA®STAMP plates consist of a special 10 cm2 petri dish containing organism specific agar which is protruding above the surface of the plate in order to allow direct contact with the selected flat surface or solid food sample.

General Information

Regular sampling on cleaned and sanitised surfaces will lead to a complete quantitative hygiene monitoring process. Repeated controls will play a part in contributing to good workplace hygiene according to the concept of HACCP and support GMP guidelines.

Yeasts and moulds are able to contaminate foods and are responsible for quick spoilage of the infested food stuff. Due to their ability to produce toxic or allergenic substances moulds are especially predestinated to be a potential health risk. As these organisms might be rapidly spread by dusts and aerosols, surfaces in the production environment will be consistently contaminated. Therefore, they should be taken into account and added to the sampling plans of the general hygiene monitoring.

On the agar surface of RIDA®STAMP YM-P yeasts form almost small round shaped to oval colonies which are normally of whitish to rose colour. Moulds form their typical air mycelia which can be white / brown, green / grey or black depending on the individual genus of fungi. All colonies on the agar surface have to be counted to determine the total yeast and mould count.


  • Direct contact on flat surfaces.
  • Easy evaluation.
  • Space saving during storage, incubation and disposal.
  • Ready to use┬á ->┬á easy handling.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Robust agar plate system.


Art. NoHS0371, HS0372
Test formatHS0371: 50 agar plates,
HS0372: 25 agar plates,
respectively 5 plates are packed in 1 plastic bag.
Sample preparationNo sample preparation
Incubation time2 - 5 days at 20 - 25┬░C
LOD (Detection Limit)1 cfu / 10 cm2
Detected analyteYeasts = small round shaped to oval colonies with whitish to rose color, molds = typical air mycelia with white, brown, green, grey or black color.
EvaluationVisual counting
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