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Product info

Intended use

Assay for the positive identification of species content in highly processed meat and bone meals:

  • MELISA-TEK™ Meat Species Ruminant Kit (Art. No. 510311)
  • MELISA-TEK™ High Sensitivity Extraction Kit (Art. No. 510391)
  • MELISA-TEK™ Meat Species Pork Kit (Art. No. 510321)

General Information

These assays are designed to detect porcine or ruminant muscle protein in meat and bone meals, as well as in animal feeds. These tests will detect porcine or bovine/ovine/caprine skeletal and cardiac muscle content in products processed at temperatures exceeding 133 °C and 3 bars of pressure (300 kPa) and can identify feeds containing banned tissues. These test kits are capable of detecting 1% meat and bone meal content in feeds (0.1 % when using the high sensitivity extraction kit) and as little as 0.05% of meat species content in meat products.

Art. No5103**
Test format96 determinations
Incubation time80 min