Enzytecâ„¢ Liquid D-Gluconic acid

Art. No.: E8520

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Product info

Enzytecâ„¢ Liquid D-Gluconic acid

Art. No.: E8520

Intended use

Enzymatic assay for the determination of D-Gluconic acid in foodstuff and other sample materials.

General Information

The Enzytecâ„¢ Liquid product line enables the enzymatic determination of sugars, organic acids and other food components. These reagents are all liquid and ready-to-use, which brings a huge improvement in the lab organization:

  • In small laboratories, it is possible to test a few samples and store the reagents for further usage, since the original shelf-life remains valid.
  • In large laboratories with automation, the reagents can be placed directly on any biochemistry analyzer, and stay refrigerated on board for true random-access.


  • Reagents are liquid and ready-to-use (no reconstitution).
  • Easy handling with same pipeting scheme for all tests (2-reagent format).
  • Reagents are stable up to the expiry date, even after opening.
  • Easy and safe use on biochemistry analyzers.


Art. NoE8520
Test formatTest-kit with 2 x 25 determinations for manual use,
(500 tests on automated systems),
2 x 50 ml R1 and 2 x 12.5 ml R2
LOD (Detection Limit)1.44 mg / L
LOQ (Limit of quantification

2.49 mg / L

Detected analyte

D-Gluconic acid

Evaluation340 nm
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