bioavid Lateral Flow Egg incl. Hook Line

Art. No.: BLH708-20

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Product info

bioavid Lateral Flow Egg incl. Hook Line

Art. No.: BLH708-20

Intended use

The Lateral Flow Egg incl. Hook Line from Bioavid is an immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of egg residues in environmental samples (e.g. in food production lines), CIP-water and food samples. The assay is applied for the detection of small amounts of egg contaminations.


Unfortunately, very high amounts of an analyte in the sample can lead to falsely lowered or negative results – called the hook effect. The new dip-sticks will include an additional line, the hook line, in order to detect this effect. For now, the new test (BLH708-20 Lateral Flow Egg incl. Hook Line) will not replace the old one without a hook line (BL608-10 / BL608-25 Lateral Flow Egg), but it is an additional product offer with new functionality.

General Information

Egg contaminations in food possibly elicit hypersensitivity in sensitive persons. Food as well as respective production lines have to be free of residues to prevent these allergic reactions. The effectiveness of cleaning can be verified by using the Lateral Flow Egg Swabbing method. Furthermore, they are a fast and easy method to qualitatively detect egg residues in food samples.

Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 prescribes that egg must be listed on food labels as a cause of food allergies. Comparable legal regulations are in place in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, China, New Zealand, and many other countries. Egg white contains approx. 10 % to 11 % protein. Allergologically of importance are four main allergens that make up 80 % of egg white protein content. The main allergens include ovomucoid (11 %), ovalbumin (54 %), ovotransferrin (12 %), and lysozyme (3.5 %). In contrast, the proteins in the egg yolk have only moderate allergenicity.

Dip sticks are an easy to use method and provide a fast and reliable analysis. The application of our bioavid dip sticks is very simple and can be handled by untrained personell. All bioavid test kits can be stored at room temperature and therefore they are an ideal tool for direct testing in production facilities. The bioavid test kits contain the complete equipment for the analysis.


  • Extended functionality: included hook line for safe identification of high positive samples (> 10,000 ppm).
  • More sensitive detection of whole egg or egg white compared to the BL608 especially with heated samples.
  • More precise statement in a bigger range than conventional test strips (valid results in the range of 1 – 1,000 ppm).
  • A fast, reliable and easy-to-use dip stick system detecting egg in production lines, raw materials and processed food (results in 10 min).
  • More information and benefits can be found on this flyer.


Art. NoBLH708-20
Test format20 x test strips for 20 determinations
Sample preparation'- Swabbing method: cleaning surface with pre-treated swab, wash out the swab and measure.

- Food assay: homogenise food sample, filter, measure.

- Liquid samples: no preparation.
Incubation time5 min
Room temperature
LOD (Detection Limit)'- Food samples: Whole Egg: ≤ 1 ppm, Egg White: ≤ 1 ppm, Egg Yolk: 500 ppm
- Swabbing: Fresh Whole Egg: 5 µg, Egg White: ≤ 2 µg, Egg Yolk: 500 µg, Pasteurized Egg Powder: 1 µg
- CIP-water: 1 µg / ml
Cross Reactivity.

17 matrices tested without cross reactivity

EvaluationVisual evaluation
External link IBioavid Homepage - Documents for Egg