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Product info

Intended use

A qualitative screening card for the detection of different aflatoxin total levels in food and feed samples.

General Information

The kit is based on monoclonal antibody technology which has the advantage of being highly specific and sensitive while the test format is rapid and simple to perform. The screening procedure is intended to serve as an indicator of the presence of toxins at various screening levels according to international legislation.

The toxins are extracted from the sample, filtered and passed through a clean-up column before being diluted and applied to the card. The conjugate is applied to the membrane and unbound conjugate is then removed by washing. A colourless substrate is added and the card is incubated for five minutes. Finally a stop solution is applied to the membrane. A purple spot must appear at the control site to indicate that the test is valid. A purple spot at the sample site shows that the contamination is less than the cut off value of the card. No colour at the sample site indicates contamination at a higher level than the cut off of the card. The assay takes approximately 10 minutes to perform.


  • The technology used in the test kit is highly specific and sensitive.
  • A further advantage is the easy application of the test.
  • Low expenditure of time.
Art. NoRBRP38
Test format10 cards containing 20 tests and controls
Sample preparationA representative sample should be obtained by following one of the officially recognised sampling procedures. It is recommended that a minimum of 1 kg of representative sample is finely ground and a portion (10 - 50 g dependent on method used) of this is removed and extracted.
Incubation time5 minutes
LOD (Detection Limit)2-30 ┬Ág/kg (ppb)
Validated matrices

Various levels in food and feed commodities.

Detected analyte

Aflatoxin in food an feed.

Available application notes

Methods are available for all matrices covered by legislation as well as additional commodities. Deviation from the methods described in our Instructions For Use and Application Notes may not result in optimum results. Please contact your local R-Biopharm distributor for further information.

EvaluationVisual evaluation: The control spot must develop a clearly visible purple colour in order to have a valid test result. The colour in the sample and the control spot does not need to be of the same intensity. If doubt arises regarding the presence of a spot it is advised to hold the card at arm's length (against a dark background). If the spot can be clearly seen then it can be considered as being present.
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