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Improve your allergen management with rapid gluten test RIDA® QUICK Gliadin


When producing gluten-free food, you have to comply with a lot of legal regulations: Certain limit values must be met and regular analyses must be carried out. Avoiding contamination is a big challenge in the production of gluten-free food. A rapid gluten test can help control the production conditions.

Avoiding contamination of gluten-free food

People suffering from coeliac disease may react even on small amounts of gluten. That is why you have to avoid any cross-contamination with products containing gluten in the production process. It’s not only about clean work spaces and machines: tools such as brushes, brooms and workwear must not get in contact with gluten-containing products as well. To guarantee a safe product, it is important to test the production process for a potential contamination.

Rapid gluten test: How does it work and how reliable is this method?

The official method for gluten determination in food according to the international „Codex Alimentarius“ is an ELISA. However, when it comes to testing the surfaces of your work spaces etc., a lateral flow test is a great alternative to an ELISA. The rapid test RIDA® QUICK Gliadin, for example, allows you to detect gluten in a quick and easy way on-site – no matter whether you have an internal laboratory or not. Just use the dip stick as a swab test, wait 5 minutes and read the result. This test can also be carried out for numerous raw materials after a simple ethanol extraction. One big advantage is that the swab test delivers quick results and can easily be integrated in your hygiene and allergen management. The test strips show a good correlation with the official ELISA method.

RIDA® QUICK Gliadin in use at the children’s experiment day

Recently, we had the opportunity to demonstrate the gluten test kit at a very unique event: At the “Children’s Experiment Day”, where the Faculty of Engineering of the university “Hochschule Rhein-Main” presented a practical experiment on the subject “What’s in our food?”. About 1.000 children tried out the swab test and saw for themselves how easy it is to detect traces of gluten. It’s great to see so many interested students and we are pleased that we had the opportunity to provide the test kits for this experiment.