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R-BioTube, the video channel by R-Biopharm, is the perfect tool for you if you want to learn more about food and feed analysis. Gain valuable insights – directly from our food analysis experts.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, also named Pyridoxine, is the first vitamin we would like to introduce you in our vitamin series. In this video, by Ronald Niemeijer, you can learn more about the importance of this vitamin, food products that contain vitamin B6 and the risk of a vitamin deficiency.

More facts can be found in the infographic.

The Yellow Line 2.0

The next generation: the Enzytec™ Liquid testkits for enzymatic food analysis – or what we like to call them, the „Yellow Line 2.0“. In this video, Ronald Niemeijer tells you more about the improvements of the Enzytec™ Liquid testkits compared to traditional methods.

How reference material makes your mycotoxin analysis more reliable

Mycotoxin testing imposes unique challenges to analytical laboratories. Complicated matrices, inhomogeneously spread contaminations, very low levels are just a few challenges to be met. The importance of choosing the right sampling, method, sample preparation and analytical method is obvious. The use of certified mycotoxin reference materials as well as mycotoxin quality control materials will strengthen your quality assurance in mycotoxin testing.

PCR: Time to cut costs – with reliable results

Do you still pay so much for external analysis costs? Or do you have trouble with false-positive results or cross-reactions? You haven’t thought about in-house testing using real-time PCR yet? Being independent from external service labs? It is so easy. That’s see!

Guarantee safe food for people with egg allergy

Eggs are a popular ingredient in many dishes and processed foods — a challenge for allergic people. In order to protect affected people from the unintentional consumption of foods containing egg, a correct labelling on the list of ingredients is of great importance. In this video, Jasmin Wolf explains what to consider when producing egg-free food.

PCR analysis the easy way

Real-time PCR has proved to be a reliable and efficient analysis method in many areas. For laboratories who have avoided up to now the investments for PCR analysis, the new compact RIDA®CYCLER now makes it easy to get started. In this short video, Ronald Niemeijer presents the instrument in more detail.

Analyse sea food on marine biotoxins

Marine biotoxins are natural chemicals that accumulate in fish and shellfish. They are triggered by certain types of toxic algae. The incidence will increase in the next few years, so it is important to analyse sea food. Ronald Niemeijer tells you more about.

Adulteration of dairy products

Dairy products made from milk from other sources than cow are becoming more and more popular. In this video, Ronald Niemeijer explores the question of whether you always get what you pay for cow milk alternatives and how easy it is to test for adulteration.

Food fraud

Food adulteration is one of the hot topics in food quality assurance for some years now. Adulteration is not just an economical crime. It also put the consumers healther risk. Ronald Niemeijer tells you more about some cases of food fraud.