Intended use:

This kit is intended to be used for the extraction of animal and plant DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) from raw materials as well as slightly processed food and feed. It is also recommended for the extraction of animal DNA from highly processed food and feed.

General Information:

The principle is:

1. Preparation of the basic material.
2. Lysis of the basic material.
3. Pre-filtration and setting of optimal binding conditions.
4. Binding of the nucleic acids on a Spin Filter.
5. Purification of the bound nucleic acids.
6. Drying of the Spin Filter.
7. Elution of nucleic acids from the Spin Filter.



Article NumbersS1052
Test format For 100 preparations.
1x Proteinase K
1x PCR grade water
1x Lysis Buffer
1x Binding Buffer
1x Pre-Wash Buffer
1x Wash Buffer
1x Elution Buffer
1x Spin Filter, green (50 x)
1x Spin Filter, clear (50 x)
2x Receiver Tubes 2.0 ml (50 x)
1x Receiver Tubes 1.5 ml (50 x)
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