Cocktail ECO

Art. No.: R7080

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Product info

Intended use

The Cocktail ECO can be used for the sample preparation of raw materials, heat treated and processed food. This product is a more environmental-friendly alternative to the old product Cocktail (patented) R7006 / R7016 (the sample preparation using the Cocktail (patented) is the official R5-Mendez method according to the Codex Alimentarius and the AOAC).

The Cocktail ECO is used in combination with the following test systems: RIDASCREEN® Gliadin (R7001), RIDASCREEN®FAST Gliadin (R7002), RIDASCREEN®FAST Gliadin sensitive (R7051), RIDA®QUICK Gliadin (R7003) and RIDA®QUICK Gliadin (single packaged) (R7004).

The faster sample preparation using the environmental-friendly Cocktail ECO (R7080) is convenient for the screening of samples. The Cocktail ECO has an extraction efficiency of approx. 70 – 110 % compared to Cocktail (patented).


Test format2 x 115 ml Buffer ECO and 1 x 6 g Additive ECO
Sample preparationHomogenization and extraction
Incubation time35 min