Enzymatic analysis

Your complete solution for enzymatic analysis

Enzymatic analysis with Enzytec™ Liquid product line

Easy and safe use through analyzer. Automation is easily possible. Reagents can be used until expiry date after opening. High precision and sensitivity with fast and reliable analysis. Reagents are liquid and ready-to-use, same test procedure for all parameters. Avoidance of reagent discard due to high reagent stability.

Semi-Automation with RIDA®CUBE SCAN – walk-away system for sequential single enzymatic tests

The RIDA®CUBE SCAN automatically calculates the results and shows them on the display. It fits in every laboratory and is a real lightweight at only 2.4 kg. The analyzer set consists of the instrument and a tablet PC.

Full automation with Pictus 500

The automation of Enzytec™ Liquid tests lead to a reduction in costs, processing time and user errors during performance. Cost reduction due to shorter processing time and significantly lower reagent consumption. Walk-away and multi-tests for large sample series.